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Our state-of-the-art client management suite is now available. Visit PlainSail Wealth and arrange a demo.

PlainSail Technologies: Client and Wealth-management software specialists

We are an innovative software company based in Jersey that creates durable and reliable applications that can be easily tailored to meet your needs. Our team are specialists in writing Windows desktop, mobile and web applications. Our products are written following industry-standard software methodologies including test-driven development and Agile. Our UI designs are modern and our applications built in a way to ensure that they are highly responsive. We have experience of working with systems where security is of critical concern. Please contact us for any of your bespoke development needs.

We are specialists in writing wealth and client management tool. Areas of development are listed below.

Mobile development

Windows Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

Our desktop and mobile products are developed using XAML and and C# .NET, used by Microsoft for many of their own products and the application layer of Windows 10 and Windows mobile devices.
Web development


We use ASP.NET with MVC on the server, along with the front-end technologies appropriate to the application, for example Angular or React for single-page applications.
Database development


We specialise in rapid database development using ORM tools such as Entity Framework and NHibernate, mostly using Microsoft Sql Server as the data store but we can work with any database our client prefers, whether that is MySQL, Amazon's Aurora, or no-sql databases such as Elasticsearch and MongoDB.

Technical skills


Key Skills